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The opinion about self control and anxiety of hispanic personals is formed mostly at men who tried to communicate with them on different hispanic women dating sites. Internet in Russia is not yet a widely used method of communication and contact. That is why this method of Spanish dating arouses some tension. Besides, not all spanish singles speak fluent English and it adds to their discomfort.  Hispanic singles have very rough idea of mentality, values, norms of spanish personals with people from different countries. Many spanish women, who communicate with men through Internet, actually seem reserved and anxious. They write short standard phrases in their letters and profiles, they think long about their replies. But they do it not from self control of their character, but because of lack of experience and practice in international communication. They are afraid to be wrong understood, to be seen not in the best light and by ignorance or carelessness to hurt menīs feelings. Spanish brides as well as men, are open, communicative and emotional. They can easily speak about their innermost feelings and problems that worry them to hardly known person, frankly speak about their wishes, likings and dissatisfaction. It is seen in the fact, that the profession of psychoanalytic is not demanded in hispanic dating. It is demanded in those places, where it is used to hide and suppress hispanic brides true feelings.

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