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Having been working in various senior dating sites for many years, I have observed a typical situation. A man becomes acquainted with a senior woman through a dating site and traverses thousand kilometres to meet her. However, from the first minutes of personal contact neither of them can conceal his or her disappointment and even irritation, understanding that nothing good will grow from their further contact, and that their senior dating services are doomed to failure.
Senior singles liked each other in the photos and they were satisfied with each other's questionnaires, they have corresponded for some months. At least they are supposed to feel some mutual leaning towards each other at their first meeting. Everything seemed to be so perfect when they spoke on the phone and exchanged messages. Have you ever noticed that different over 50 ladies communicate at different distances? During a conversation one person always moves too close to you while the other constantly escapes from you. If communicative distance in a dialogue differs too much for two people, they fail to establish contact. Maintaining a particular distance is neither a manner, nor a habit. It is concerned with over 50 women energy and needs. Incompatibility of personal distances heavily influences personal meetings, and especially biases marriage, but you cannot predict it by photos and correspondence. Another important feature, which also cannot be traced by photos and questionnaires, is tempo-rhythm. I'm sure you have come across some over 50 singles who irritated you with their fussiness or, quite the opposite, seemed to you too slow and dull. Actually they are neither good nor bad. Over 50 chat lives in individual, natural and comfortable for him or her rhythm that can be detected both in over 50 dating. If tempo-rhythms of the gay seniors considerably differ, these people won't feel anything except mutual irritation for each other.

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